Take-Away menu PakuPaku Amsterdam, bel ons gerust op 06-34994700 – Beukenplein 3 ~ Tot gauw!

PakuPaku introduces: Hotpot at home

Enjoy the tastiest Hotpot in town in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Create a restaurant ambience at your own home. We provide you with everything you need:

  • Portable gas stove
  • Our signature vegan broth
  • Starter of a variety of Gyoza’s (Japanese dumplings)
  • Platter of mixed veggies (spinach, Chinese cabbage, daikon, carrots, mushrooms)
  • Platters with proteïnes: fried tofu, tuna, seabass, mushroom mix, ribeye, ribeye royal & Japanese Wagyu beef
  • 2 sauces
  • glassnoodles
  • Chopsticks

The dishes are served on luxurious (Japanese) porcelain to create that restaurant atmosphere at your own dinner table.

  • This healthy and delicious menu is € 70,00 (for 2 people)
  • Add a bottle of Sake or Wine (white or red) for € 25,00
  • Additional guest Eur 35,00
  • Deposit: € 50,00 paid in cash.

Order before 22:00 via 06-34994700 or www.pakupaku.nl

Pick up the next day at PakuPaku Beukenplein 3, Amsterdam
You will receive all the needed instructions and you can also view our instruction video online.

Enjoy your hotpot at home!

1 PakuPaku Hotpot at Home


PakuPaku ~ ShabuShabu take-away menu


Salads & Bites
Silken Tofu Salad
Gyoza Vega (6 pcs)
Gyoza Chicken (6 pcs)
Gyoza Japanese Chicken Curry
Gyoza Shrimp (6 pcs)
Mixed Gyoza's (6 pcs)
€ 4,95
€ 7,95
€ 7,95
€ 7,95
€ 8,95
€ 8,95
Kombu Noodle Soup
Kombu Noodle soup Basis (incl. 2 vegetables)
We recommend to combine the soup with Gyoza's of choice, the dumplings can be eaten in the soup
€ 7,50
Extra vegetable toppings:
Wild Spinach
Chinese Cabbage
Daikon (Japanese Rettich)
€ 0,75
€ 0,75
€ 0,75
€ 0,75
€ 1,-

For take out we charge € 0,50 extra

PakuPaku – Beukenplein 3, Tel: 06-34994700 - www.pakupaku.nl

Welkom bij PakuPaku het Japanse ShabuShabu restaurant van Amsterdam





Lieve mensen we zijn open met onze heerlijke HOTPOT @ HOME

Wil jij deze gehele winter genieten van onze HOTPOT @ HOME en SHABU-SHABU TAKE-AWAY. Schrijf je nu in op onze nieuwsbrief en ontvang regelmatig nieuwe leuke berichten van PakuPaku.

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